Our Experience at the Lancashire Business Exhibition 2024

Our Experience at the Lancashire Business Exhibition 2024

Connecting, Collaborating and Creating Opportunities

At BusinessLodge, we understand the power of connections. That’s why we feel honoured to have exhibited at Lancashire’s most celebrated B2B exhibition, Lancashire Business Exhibition 2024.

Hosted by Shout Expo, the event took place at a new iconic venue, The Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre in Preston. It brought together businesses from all across Lancashire to connect and explore opportunities. From startups to established companies, the atmosphere was buzzing with energy.

For us at BusinessLodge, exhibiting at this event wasn’t just about showcasing what BusinessLodge has to offer—it was about connecting with like-minded professionals, strengthening our ties with local businesses, and sharing our vision for collaborative growth.

Events like this remind us of the importance of community in business. Building strong relationships with fellow businesses is key to support and growth. We want to thank everyone who stopped by our stand and showed interest in our work. Your curiosity and engagement inspire us to keep growing.

Looking forward, BusinessLodge is dedicated to offering exceptional networking opportunities for businesses in Lancashire and beyond. Whether it’s through our collaborative workspaces or curated events, our goal is to support your connections and success.

Why Networking Matters

Networking isn’t just about exchanging business cards—it’s a fundamental aspect of business growth and success. In a competitive landscape, establishing and nurturing relationships is essential for gaining trust, credibility and access to valuable resources.

Networking provides a platform to learn from others, stay informed about industry trends and uncover new opportunities. By investing in networking, you position yourself as a trusted leader in your field and open doors to collaborations that can drive innovation and growth.

Consider these statistics:

  • Over 40% of in-person meetings in B2B sales lead to acquiring new customers.
  • 80% of B2B customers base their decisions on the quality of relationships with businesses.
  • Business executives estimate they would lose 28% of their business if they ceased networking.


Reflecting on our time at the exhibition, we’re grateful for the opportunity to connect and collaborate, thanks to Shout Network. To all the attendees who made the Lancashire Business Exhibition 2024 a success, thank you.

At BusinessLodge, we value community above all else. Our thoughtfully designed spaces encourage spontaneous conversations, while curated events provide ideal settings for professionals to connect. Boosting well-being and productivity, we foster a sense of belonging. Join us at BusinessLodge to connect, collaborate and thrive! Enquire today to secure your flexible office space.

BusinessLodge Stoke 2023: Celebrating a Year of Achievements and Growth

BusinessLodge Stoke 2023: Celebrating a Year of Achievements and Growth

A Look Back on 2023

As we start a new year, it’s the perfect time to look back and celebrate the milestones and accomplishments that have shaped BusinessLodge Stoke in 2023. From welcoming new team members to making a positive impact in the local community, here’s a glimpse into our noteworthy achievements.

The year started with a warm welcome to Siobhan, who joined our reception team, adding to the strength of BusinessLodge Stoke.

Siobhan sat on a stool smiling.

Showcasing Local Businesses and Talent

Hosting a remarkable 45 popup events throughout the year, we provided a platform for 26 local businesses to showcase their offerings. From carwashes to gourmet food trucks, perfumeries and artisanal gin makers, our events were a celebration of the diversity and talent within our local business community.

BusinessLodge Stoke proudly sponsored five networking events, including ‘Let’s Do Business’ and speed networking meetups, fostering meaningful connections among local entrepreneurs. We also attended the Flexi Awards and the GCUC Conference.

Connecting Communities

Contributing to the local sports scene, we sponsored Manuella Delle, a ladies’ footballer from Leek Town. Additionally, we supported the Longton Junior Rugby Team, aiming to promote the spirit of teamwork and community.

We strengthened our ties with local chambers, extending discounted memberships to our clients, promoting collaboration within our professional network.

Trent House saw the addition of 31 new clients, a testament to the appeal of our community-driven approach and our collaborative workspaces. We also redesigned our coworking space and introduced portal access for convenient bookings.

A Year of Giving Back

We hosted numerous raffles, supporting causes like Reaching CIC, Pink Sisters and Misters, Veterans Connect and North Staff’s Carers, showcasing our commitment to giving back.

Embarking on the journey to Net Zero, we installed lighting sensors and implemented waste reduction strategies, contributing to a greener future. As part of our green initiatives, we also actively engage in battery recycling and ink cartridge disposal to further promote environmental sustainability.

A Thriving Community and a Bright Future

From Trent Net Walking during the summer months to sponsoring Stoke Pride, we actively engaged in initiatives that fostered a sense of community among our clients.

As we reflect on these achievements, we look forward to continuing our journey of growth and community impact in the coming year. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from BusinessLodge Stoke in 2024!

BusinessLodge Bury 2023: Celebrating a Year of Achievements and Growth

BusinessLodge Bury 2023: Celebrating a Year of Achievements and Growth

A Year to Remember

As the curtains draw close on 2023, BusinessLodge Bury takes a moment to celebrate a year filled with growth, innovation and a steadfast commitment to well-being, sustainability and community impact. Read all about our key accomplishments that have shaped our vibrant workspace over the past twelve months.

A Spotlight on Well-being

In 2023, we introduced our Wellbeing Wall, a canvas where clients could contribute to a colourful tapestry, symbolising our collective focus on mental health and happiness. Further investing in our clients’ well-being, we transformed our spaces with lounge furniture, vibrant beanbags and outdoor games in our courtyard. These additions encouraged our clients to step away from screens, enjoy the sunshine and embrace the fresh air.

From wellbeing pop-ups featuring providers like Grow Your Mindset to hosting free treatments during a dedicated Wellbeing Day, we aimed to foster a culture of balance and self-care. Special events like blood pressure testing by Hilton Health Medical and demonstrations by Fitness Water showcasing alkaline offerings underscored our commitment to holistic well-being.

Investing in Technology and Networking

Our commitment to providing the highest standard of facilities was evident in the comprehensive upgrades across the workspace. From cutting-edge technology in meeting rooms to a complete refurbishment of bathrooms and breakout areas, we invested in creating an environment that fosters productivity and comfort.

Demonstrating our commitment to service excellence, we enhanced our IT infrastructure. The introduction of our client portal ensures round-the-clock accessibility, simplifying the booking of meeting rooms. Additionally, we integrated the cutting-edge BENQ system into our meeting room services at no extra cost. With a simple plug-and-play functionality, no drivers or external internet needed, it’s hassle-free and user-friendly!

We became members of Shout Network, Best  of Bury and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and are partners in the Made in Bury Ladies Brunch club, all of which forging strong connections within our community. We attended awards evenings and finished the year with winning trophies and commendations.

We extended invitations to our clients to enjoy the advantages of attending as guests, courtesy of Lisa, at no additional expense. This provided an opportunity for clients to enhance their visibility within these groups, with some eventually opting for full membership upon recognising the valuable benefits and extensive networking potential these groups offer.

More than just a workspace.

Popup evens and fun competitions became a staple, providing a stage for local businesses to showcase their products and services. Our clients love a competition, anything from an Easter Egg hunt to a best dressed doggy competition, our clients always make it a fun place to be. This year, we hosted our client social; ‘class of 23’ on site which turned out to be a fantastic success.

Growing Together

Welcoming Lynn to reception/ops and Paul as our facilities coordinator, along with our catering providers, True Food Kitchen, our team expanded to enhance our services. New client partnerships flourished, contributing to the dynamic BusinessLodge Bury community.

One of our proudest achievements in 2023 was the launch of our first art exhibition, celebrating the talent of local artists with the Mayor in attendance. This event not only provided a platform for artists to exhibit and sell their creations, but also underscored the positive impacts of art, particularly in unique settings like offices. The Mayor, in her speech, highlighted several advantages, including enriching the human experience, offering solace during difficulties, fostering economic growth and contributing to shared joy and cultural expression within the community.

In the Community; Sponsorships

Our support extended to local charities, sponsorship of rugby teams and participation in events such as the Andy’s Man Club black-tie ball. Supporting Bury Hospice with various events, we are now a permanent donation point for our local Blue Cross, seeing our very kind clients donate anything from food to pet beds. Last but not least, we proudly sponsor Bury Pride on an annual basis.

In line with our commitment to a sustainable future, BusinessLodge Bury initiated the journey to net zero, appointing Green Champions to spearhead and champion eco-friendly initiatives.

A Final Note for 2023

The crowning achievement of 2023 was being honoured with the Excellence in Customer Service award, a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.

As BusinessLodge Bury bids farewell to an extraordinary year, we express gratitude for the milestones achieved and thank all our amazing clients for their support. Looking ahead to 2024, we remain committed to fostering well-being, sustainability and community connections. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue our journey of growth and excellence.



BusinessLodge Bury’s Triumph in Showcasing Local Artistic Talent

BusinessLodge Bury’s Triumph in Showcasing Local Artistic Talent

In a groundbreaking event on Tuesday, November 21st, BusinessLodge Bury, a leading office space provider transformed its premises into a vibrant display of art. With the support of Bury Art Collective and Bury Art Society, the occasion was more than an exhibition, it was a celebration of the artistic talent within the community.

An Immersive Event for All.

The exhibition unfolded as a captivatingly immersive experience within the BusinessLodge Bury offices. Stunning artwork, strategically placed, created an interactive journey for attendees. Beyond merely observing, visitors had the unique opportunity to engage with the artists, fostering connections between creators and the community. Complementary drinks added a delightful touch, elevating the atmosphere into a celebration of community and creativity.

A lineup of distinguished artists, including Nick Snape, Judy Turner, Roselle Aspinall, Sarah Golightly, Ranjana Rani, Dennis Markuss, Gill Pollitt, Lynn Cooper and Sarah Hill, showcased a diverse range of thought-provoking pieces. Each artwork told a unique story, contributing to the rich tapestry of Bury’s local art scene.

Art as a Catalyst for Well-Being and Community

The esteemed Mayor of Bury, Sandra Walmsley, graced the event with her presence, delivering an inspiring speech that emphasised the power of integrating art into unconventional spaces like offices. The Mayor also extended a heartfelt thank you to local artists and the entire BusinessLodge team, with a special mention for Lisa and Becky for their dedication to leading this project.

Mayor Walmsley’s speech underscored the power of art in enhancing the human experience. She emphasised how art serves as an outlet for local talent, fostering mental well-being, community cohesion and self-expression. The Mayor highlighted the positive impact of the project on the local economy, culture and overall well-being. A statement from the Mayor: “The important thing is that you appreciate the art for what you see and what you enjoy about it. We have tons of local artists in Bury, I know some of them here and we have done a few rounds of different exhibitions together, but I’m delighted that Bury BusinessLodge has taken this project up to nurture the local talent that we’ve got here in Bury for the betterment of the community with the support of the Bury art collective and bury art society.”

Our Commitment

As the exhibition concluded, BusinessLodge Bury affirmed its commitment to supporting the local arts community. BusinessLodge Bury would also like to thank everyone who attended the event and look forward to seeing you at future events.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points at BusinessLodge

Our customers asked – we listened! Electrical Vehicle charging points installed at BusinessLodge Bury and Stoke


At BusinessLodge, one of the North’s leading flex-office space providers, we’ve always been committed to two key things – excellent customer service and remaining at the forefront of technology.

As society as a whole becomes more conscious of our collective carbon footprint, we also strive to operate in as green a way as we can.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve had more and more requests from customers for the installation of Electric vehicle charging points  – and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve just completed an installation at both our sites in Bury and Stoke.

BusinessLodge is a contemporary flexi-business space provider, offering innovative office solutions featuring high-spec serviced facilities as well as providing virtual offices, meeting rooms and conference suites. We’ve always led the way with continuous innovation and it was the natural step to be able to provide a facility for clients to charge their electric cars on site.

As a business with a sharp focus on customer service, we wanted a comprehensive solution that would give us the option of multiple driver groups and charging rates, and the ability to tailor our EV charging pricing to allow clients to benefit from reduced rates, as well as using time-based pricing to encourage off-peak charging, in line with Government guidance.

After extensive research, we partnered with Manchester-based Charge-m8, who provided an impressive proposal which included many beneficial additional features and proved highly cost-effective.

From helping us with the OZEV grant application and holding on-site introduction and training meetings to explain the new system to our clients, Charge-m8 have made our introduction to EV Charging very straightforward.

We know all of our clients are super busy in their own business and so we wanted something that was simple and straightforward to use.

Using the new charging points couldn’t be any easier for BusinessLodge Clients, who are able to use the new 22KW 3-Phase Charge-Points by downloading the free Charge-m8 APP or by scanning a QR code on the charger display. We’ve also built in a system to ensure a fair use policy so that everyone gets the chance to charge their vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Fast Charging has now been installed to satisfy demand as the switch to EVs gathers pace across the UK and more tenants are changing their petrol & diesel vehicles.

With the UK Government widening the eligibility of EV Grant schemes to include landlords (residential & commercial) and small hospitality operators like B&B’s, the demand for professional EV Charger installation continues to increase. “As a vertically integrated charge-point manufacturer, installer and charge-point operator (CPO), with our own in-house fully qualified engineers, we can 100% guarantee the quality of each and every installation as we do it ourselves,” says Julian Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Charge-m8. “We offer a growing range of EV Charging options for the Home and Workplace and as an OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) approved Installer for both Domestic & Workplace charge-point installations, we’re really focused on delivering affordable solutions for clients looking to make the first step into EV Charging or expand their current charging provision.”

The BusinessLodge charging schemes feature five Charge-m8 Delta Three-Phase 22KW ChargePoints at each site with dedicated electrical infrastructure to support maximum capacity charging, along with bespoke EV charging-bay signage and floor markings. 

Our clients are already benefitting from this additional facility we have provided – just another thing to help them #lovewhereyouwork.



Leaving the city centre behind


There’s no dispute that the world of work has changed beyond recognition over the past few years, and.

Many businesses have suffered while others have thrived, and we are still experiencing uncertainty like never before.


We’ve recently reported that BusinessLodge is seeing a surge in budding entrepreneurs who set up their own businesses during lockdown, and take advantage of our Virtual Office facilities.

Over recent months, we’ve seen another trend emerge – companies who are based in City centres,  are now looking to relocate closer to home in centres like BusinessLodge.

At BusinessLodge, it’s at our very core to #lovewhereyouwork and as the world continues to change, we’re also finding that more and more businesses are choosing to #lovelocal.

We’ve put together the most common reasons that in the current climate, businesses are choosing to step away from city centre office blocks and relocate more locally.


Avoiding public transport

For many of the companies that we are talking to, travel is playing a huge role in prospective relocations.

Once upon a time, city centre access was pretty straightforward and many businesses would choose offices based on their proximity to train stations and airports. Public transport was a practical, economical and environmentally friendly way to travel.

Post-lockdown, it’s not so much, and while life is pretty much back to normal, people are reluctant to take this option unless it is absolutely avoidable. 

Likewise, customers are no longer quite so willing to jump on a train to attend meetings.

Of course, driving remains an option – however, parking in city centres can be upwards of £25 a day for those who want to use their car – which can amount to a whopping £2,500 a year.

Out-of-town offices with plenty of parking make far more sense in this respect.

Less time commuting

For most people, a long daily commute is a necessary evil.  By basing the business closer to where employees live,  that travel time is cut right down. That’s several hours a week that people can use more effectively, from spending time with family and friends to working out in our on-site gym.

And while keeping local, there are more opportunities to walk and cycle to work – which is healthier for both you and the environment.


A realigned workforce

Many businesses have had to make tough choices during the pandemic – and lots returned to work with smaller teams. Even businesses that have thrived are starting to operate differently, with many embracing homeworking going forward.

We’re seeing lots of interest from businesses in this position – and as a result, they are looking for smaller premises that, if necessary, they can grow into.


Flexible Terms, more for your money

Times are uncertain, there is no doubt about that. Yet many businesses who are currently based in the city centre who are considering a move have their hands tied. 

There is also the uncertainty of a relocation at this time. Will it work out? Is it the right thing to do? How will staff adapt? – a more flexible tenancy agreement can be extremely useful

Another positive is that on the whole, at out of town premises your money will go further will additional benefits for customers.


Work-life made easier

For many business owners, anything that can remove the headache of day-to-day operations, leaving them free to concentrate on doing what they do best is a massive plus.

With our unique, community-focused approach, our clients benefit from a professional, friendly working environment including an on-site gym, catering facilities and chill-out zones, air conditioning and daily cleaning, along with ample, secure car parking.

It’s the reason that so many of our clients absolutely love where they work.