Doggy Focus – Penny from New Era

Doggy Focus – Penny from New Era

Penny is our 5 month old puppy Cocker Spaniel, she lives at home with her 2 sausage dog brothers Wallace and Alfie who she loves fighting with.

She loves playing in the mud and collecting empty plant pots from the greenhouse which is how she’s earned the nickname “Stig of the dump.”

She loves it when her Mum works nights so she can spend the day at BusinessLodge causing trouble and seeking attention from everyone.


Doggy Focus – Alfie from Veolia

Doggy Focus – Alfie from Veolia

Meet Alfie!

Alfie is an 11-year-old Shih Tzu who we have had since he was 7 weeks old.

He is so friendly and loveable and is so laid back, when we are out walking at home he loves the attention he gets from folk when we meet them with their doggies.

He always looks forward to coming into the office with me as he always gets plenty of fuss from my work colleagues in the office and other clients in the building.

He never stops any of us doing our work and some days he just lies in his bed that I bring in and we can hear him snoring!!!

It’s such a brilliant thing that Trent House do making it a dog-friendly office.

Doggy Focus – Rouki from Wiser Academy

Meet Rouki, our delightful 2-year-old Beauceron (often mistaken for a Doberman)! She’s a colossal, playful goofball and a true softy at heart. These two snapshots perfectly capture the Insta vs Reality of her vibrant personality.

Her days are filled with joy, revolving around playing frisbee, engaging in spirited sprints and of course, claiming my spot on our bed when exhaustion sets in!

With my fiancée’s recent job change, Rouki has officially become my Wiser Academy Apprentice during work hours. Initially, we had plans to bring her to the office, but being a somewhat nervous and skittish girl, she requires a bit more training to boost her confidence.

While the office introduction is in the pipeline, I’m eager to have her join soon. If you happen to spot her around, please be mindful—Rouki is a bit shy around new faces and might let out an occasional bark. She prefers making friends gradually and at a comfortable distance.