BusinessLodge installs defibrillator to demonstrate commitment to client’s wellbeing

BusinessLodge installs defibrillator to demonstrate commitment to client’s wellbeing

BusinessLodge, Bury’s leading flex-space provider, is demonstrating it’s commitment to the safety of it’s clients and visitors, as well as the wider community, with the installation of a brand new life saving defibrillator. The new piece of kit, which will be installed at a central outside point at the centre on Barcroft Street, was chosen after consultation with BusinessLodge client the North West Ambulance Service. It’s location will mean that it will also be available for any member of the public to use in an emergency.

Esther Johnson, Health & Safety Manager at BusinessLodge explains more:

“When you look at the statistics, they are really quite sobering. Less than 1 in 10 people in the UK survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. This has been partly attributed to two factors – there aren’t enough people trained to perform CPR when someone has a cardiac arrest and in addition, there aren’t enough defibrillators.”

“As a busy business centre that is open 24 hours a day housing hundreds of clients across 4 buildings, we felt it was our responsibility to be prepared should the worst happen, as well as giving something back to the local community alike. By having a defibrillator on premises and by training team members in CPR, businesses can play an important part in helping more people survive a cardiac arrest. In the installation of a defib at BuisnessLodge, the company is demonstrating to clients, colleagues, visitors and the local community alike that it is committed to taking people’s safety seriously.”

Businesses can play a big part in creating a nation of life savers. Having a defibrillator in your workplace and training colleagues in CPR means that more people will know what do when someone has a cardiac arrest.

Esther Johnson continues: “As life slowly returns to normality, we’re seeing more and more people come through the doors of our centres. We felt it was imperative to ensure that we had the means to offer the best form of support to these people should the worst happen.”

The LIFEPAK CR2 USB was purchased through the defibrillator accreditation scheme. All BusinessLodge first aiders will receive basic training in machine, however as at semi-automatic piece of kit, it is specifically designed to be easy for anyone to use.

In addition, during any calls relating to cardiac arrest in the area to 999, callers will be directed to the BusinessLodge defibrillator and given basic instruction over the phone to deliver potential life saving treatment using the machine.


BusinessLodge, based on Barcroft Street in Bury, has an enviable reputation for providing top-end office facilities combined with exceptional customer service and a true community feel. It’s four unique buildings offer a development of high spec, contemporary serviced offices with a free gym, catering facilities and ample on-site car parking, Minutes from Bury town centre and the M66/M60 motorways, BusinessLodge Bury is easily accessible for commuters.

Three years ago, the business fulfilled ambitious expansion plans with the opening of new premises in Staffordshire to offer innovative office solutions to Stoke’s growing business community. The new building, Trent House, has been finished to an extremely high spec and offers modern serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms and conference facilities, along with catering and relaxation options. The Stoke centre also has a defibrillator.

Eat good food for a great mood!

Eat good food for a great mood!

Did you realise that one of the main ways to boost mental wellbeing is through the food and drink you put in your body? What we eat directly affects the way our brains work and ultimately, our mood. The good news is that clients at  BusinessLodge,  Bury and Stoke’s leading flex-space providers, we’re firm believers that a great, healthy lunch is really important for a productive working day.  

Clients at both centres can take advantage of our Grab n Go facilities which offer a range of sandwiches and snacks to ensure that you never skip lunch. Clients in Bury also have the additional bonus of onsite eatery Olive’s Kitchen,  an independent healthy caterer based in Bury, specialising in providing high quality, freshly prepared, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Their range of soups, one-pots, sandwiches, salads and pasta pots are all be freshly made with no need for preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers or additives allowing  customers to be rest assured that the ingredients that they are eating are natural.

 Food can be a real mood booster – and here’s why:

Eat regularly

Sounds obvious – but how many of us a “too busy” to stop for lunch? Your brain needs to be fed regularly with the right mix of nutrients for it to function properly. Your body’s central control centre, if your blood sugar drops through lack of food you might feel tired, irritable and depressed. Eating regularly and choosing foods that release energy slowly will help to keep your sugar levels steady. Which if course, leads to greater energy, more focus, and ultimately, a more productive working day!

Eat the right fats

Yes, your read that correctly – but the word “right” is crucial here! Your brain needs fatty acids (such as omega-3 and -6) to keep it  in top working order – but that doesn’t mean reaching for the fast food! Foods rich in omeg-3 and -6 are essential here for great brain function, and can be found in oily fish, poultry, nuts (especially walnuts and almonds), olive and sunflower oils, seeds (such as sunflower and pumpkin), avocados, milk, yoghurt, cheese and eggs. The healthy foods on offer at Olive’s Kitchen will tick this box for you!

Get your five a day

We know – you already know this! But how many of you actually stick to it? We all know that vegetables and fruit contain a lot of the minerals, vitamins and fibre we need to keep us physically and mentally healthy. We’re also all familiar with the “five a day” message – but the World Health Organisation suggests that up to 8 a day is best for optimum health.

Eating a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables every day means you’ll get a good range of nutrients – but not many of us have time to chop and prepare fresh salads for work every day, do we? Olive’s Kitchen will do the hard work for you, ensuring that you “eat the rainbow” and get the good stuff you need.

Drink enough fluid

Your brain is like a sponge, and if you don’t keep it regularly hydrated it will quickly dry out, leaving you tired, bring on headaches and low in mood. A brain contains up to 78% water so keep it topped up with six to eight glasses (about 1.5 – two litres) fluid per day.

Top tips

  • By the time you register you are thirsty you are already dehydrated – so avoid getting to that stage
  • Water and fruit teas are the best hydrators
  • Caffeine can affect your mood so try to limit your intake
  • Caffeine is a stimulant, which means it will give you a quick burst of energy, but then may make you feel anxious and depressed, disturb your sleep (especially if you have it before bed), or give you withdrawal symptoms if you stop suddenly.
  • Drinks such as coffee, cola, energy drinks, tea and chocolate all contain caffeine and should be limited.
  • Drinking too much alcohol can cause dehydration and can lead to B vitamin deficiencies, which may make you more depressed or anxious.

So what are you waiting for? We suggest our Bury client’s check out Olive’s kitchen as soon as they can!

Tips to reduce stress in the workplace

Tips to reduce stress in the workplace

April is Stress Awareness Month- and let’s face it, we’re living in pretty stressful times. At BusinessLodge, the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all of our staff and our clients is of the utmost importance and we’ve set up our centres with this at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve put together an overview our top tips for reducing stress in the workplace – and how BusinessLodge clients can benefit from the facilities we have on offer.

Take a break

Workers in the UK have the right to one uninterrupted 20 minute rest break, provided they work more than six hours per day. Yet how may of us actually take our allocated breaks? With 90% of people who do take a full break feeling refreshed and ready to go back to work afterwards, it really is crucial for our physical and mental wellbeing, not to mention our productivity, to take a little time out.

Stepping away from our desks is a proven way to keep energy levels up and stress down during the day. What’s more, it’s an opportunity to stretch our legs, helping to counteract the risks associated with sedentary jobs. So, while we might think that powering through the day without stopping shows how serious we are about work, it’s actually by taking a break, recharging the batteries and using the time to nourish ourselves properly that will make us more productive in the long run.

BusinessLodge clients have a wide range of places to take a break – from our coffee points and outdoor space, to our designated chill out areas, complete with table tennis.

Don’t skip meals

Let’s be honest, we can all be guilty of skipping lunch from time to time –  with some of us slipping into the habit on a regular basis. In fact, a study revealed that as many as 82% of employees don’t take their lunch break – and don’t actually eat anything at all!

We believe that it’s crucial to rethink this approach so that we condition ourselves to view our lunch break as a time to eat healthily, as well as getting moving as well. Clearly, we need a balanced intake to ensure we’re receiving optimum nutrition. Otherwise, depleted blood sugar levels, rising cortisol and sluggish metabolism mean we aren’t able to function at our best, are more likely to make mistakes, are more at risk of feeling ‘hangry’ and are more susceptible to both weight gain and illness.  And if you are already feeling stressed – low energy levels will make you feel a whole lot worse.

Our Grab n Go points at both Bury and Stoke are well stocked with sandwiches, fruit and snacks to ensure you keep fully fuelled throughout the day. Clients at Bury also have access to Olive’s Kitchen, which offers a wide range of nutritious foods to eat in or take away.

Go to the gym

If you are really feeling the pressure, how about using your lunch hour to go to the gym? Exercise has the potential to increase our self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety, help prevent mental health problems and improve the quality of life of people who already experience mental health problems.

It also lowers the level of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. It also boosts the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. They are responsible for the “runner’s high” and for the feelings of relaxation and optimism that are generated by vigorous workouts — or, at least, the hot shower afterwards.

Many people believe they are “too busy” to go to the gym, but BusinessLodge clients have no excuse, with state-of-the-art gyms for their use at both of our sites in Bury and Stoke. Building a before or after work-workout has become part of life for many of our clients – saving them loads of time in the process!

Connect with others

As human beings, we need interaction with others – and in times of stress, this is more important than ever. As our clients know, when you take a workspace with BusinessLodge, you are getting more than a place to work – you are joining our unique community.

Whether you are a one-man band or 120-strong team, we’re proud of the friendly, inclusive atmosphere that we’ve created across all our sites. Our buildings are designed to suit a modern work force and include plenty of communal space, break out zones, a games room (Stoke), a gym, a café (Bury), coffee points and grab and go food service. We’ll often see groups of clients from different businesses coming together for a catch up. As they say – it’s good to talk!

Have a coffee

For many of us, a great coffee is the first thing we will reach for if we are feeling jaded. It’s well documented that caffeine can keep us alert and give us the “pep up” we need – in safe amounts of course. Coffee increases dopamine levels – the “feel good” neurotransmitter and helps to block adenosine receptors which are responsible for making us feel tired and sleepy.
Caffeine molecules have a similar structure to adenosine and when it locks out these receptors, it can trick them in to making us feel brighter and more alert.

In addition, a study at John Hopkins University demonstrated that caffeine can enhance memory consolidation for us to 24 hours after consumption. This means that if you drink coffee right after learning something new, chances are it will ingrain itself on your brain more clearly. BusinessLodge client can take advantage of great coffee from our machines in our grab n go areas – with the finest coffee beans.

Stress is a serious issue, now more than ever before. At BusinessLodge, we have several information points with posters that display information from Able Futures on how to combat stress in the workplace.  If you feel that you, or someone you know might need some additional support, here are some phone numbers where you’ll be able to get some professional advice. Remember, there is always someone who will listen, and it’s absolutely ok not to be ok.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, an important event to celebrate women across the world and the incredible things that they achieve each day. At BusinessLodge, Bury and Stoke’s leading flex space business centres, we wanted to do something special to mark the day and recognise all the incredible women who work in our buildings.

One of our newest recruits is Lisa Kay, Centre Manager at BusinessLodge Bury. We caught up with her to get her view of just why International Women’s Day is so crucial.

So, why is International Women’s day is important to me?

So many reasons! It’s a day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women globally. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity with activities taking place across the world, as groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements and rally for women’s equality.

Women coming together and supporting each other is so important and so the fact we have a day specifically to do this is huge.

Who is an Inspirational woman to me?

There are so many it is difficult to narrow it down – but for me, it has to be  Kathrine Switzer, was the first women to officially run the Boston Marathon at a time the race was men only.

She’s an inspiration to those women who wish to break the barriers of gender-inequality. At just 19 she ran her first marathon, something she was passionate about doing as back in those days, there were no women’s running teams at all.

While Kathrine officially was running her first marathon, she was pounced on by an official, Jock Semple. However, in that one moment she decided to continue running – and her participation changed everything. She became a role model for distance running. Her world-changing sporting achievements marked women’s name in history. You can watch this incredible moment here.  Kathrine Switzer – Woman empowerment – YouTube

After her marathon, Switzer established a non-profit organisation (261 Fearless) with the aim to empower women through running. Her marathon number (261) became an iconic and imperative symbol of equality. Most of all, Switzer’s valour proved that nothing is impossible! And, despite the hardships, success comes to those who yearn for it.

What advice would I give to my younger self?

Whether it’s good or bad, everything comes into your life for a reason, even though at the time, it might not always seem that way, particularly if it hurts you.

When things seem to work against us, it’s only natural to feel like things are not meant to happen this way — people are not meant to leave, you are not meant to get rejected, accidents are not meant to happen — and if you had done something differently, the situation might have turned out different.

However, as time has passed, you realise that things were supposed to happen the way they did because one event led to another. People come into your life to teach you something. Things that seemed horrible, painful, or unfair at the time happened for a reason. And in reflection, you realise that they happened to help you become stronger.



The BusinessLodge Guide …. to a stress free Christmas

The BusinessLodge Guide …. to a stress free Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year …. or is it? After last year’s restricted Christmas celebrations, many of us are planning on going all out this year and making up for lost time. Seeing friends and loved ones and spreading festive cheer and goodwill – what’s not to love?

For some people, not much.

Christmas, with all the magical expectations that it brings, can actually bring a whole new level of stress to our already busy lives. The pressure of having so much to do, to buy and to organise can combine to create a situation where Christmas just isn’t the fantastic rest that we’d hoped for. The BusinessLodge team have put together a guide of common festive stress triggers – with advice on how to combat them.

Focus on what you can control

There is so much uncertainty in the current climate, and for the more organised and structured among us, this can bring real anxiety. While there is no dispute that it can be disconcerting when the pandemic guidance changes from one day to the next, we’d advise you to put your energy into thinking about the things you can control. For example, make sure you order all the festive treats your family enjoy, organising a viewing schedule for everyone’s favourite films and planning a walk to see the local Christmas lights.


The rule of threeFeel like you have a never ending to do list? Christmas can get like that – which can really add to the pressure.  To combat this, stick to the rule of three, where you only ever focus on the top three things that need to be done in any particular day Sure, you will always have a running list – but the stress sets in when it seems to become endless. By putting all your energy in to just a few items, chances are they are more likely to get done, leaving you feeling like you’ve accomplished something.

Have an early night

You’re probably thinking an early night …. but it’s Christmas! At this time of year we can feel obliged to say yes to every social invitation that comes our way  – but turning up to every “do” can leave us feeling burnt out and over tired, which, when you think about it, defeats the very purpose of going out in the first place.

Treat yourself to a few early nights – a bath and a book will do wonders, and help you replenish your energy to party again the next night – where guidelines allow!


Switch off the socials

Why is it that everyone else is enjoying a Christmas straight out of a Hollywood movie, while you’re surrounded by chaos and arguing children?

Because they only let you see the best bits, that’s why!

Social media can be great – but if you are already feeling under par, it can make you feel rotten – inadequate and completely fed up. We’d advise you to have a break from social media over the Christmas period if it’s likely to add to your stress, and keep in mind that the majority of people are in the same boat.


The best present is to be just that

Most people will tell you that Christmas is all about family – but if we are really honest with ourselves, how much time do we really spend with them over the holidays? We’re not simply talking all being at home together – we’re talking about being PRESENT with them. This can mean putting down your devices, coming off social media and recognising that the jobs can wait. Consider each member of your family and spend a little time with them, doing something they really love, while you gift them your full and undivided attention.

Set boundaries

Remember it’s your Christmas too – and you have as much right to enjoy it and have some downtime as everyone else. You don’t HAVE to do it all, buy it or organise it all! The way to ensure you get to do this is to set some firm boundaries. This might mean:

  • Saying no to social engagements
  • Ensuring that everyone mucks in around the house
  • If you have small children, teaching that that you need “me time”

If you let everyone know what your boundaries are from the off, we think you’ll get the balance just right.

Nourish your body

We can all agree that festive food is just the best! Not only does it taste delicious, it’s part of a ritual and tradition that we pass down each generation, and something that we look forward to all year.

Unfortunately, rich, sugary  food isn’t always the best for keeping healthy stress levels. It can make you feel sluggish and bloated, and while alcohol is fun at the time, the next day it can leave us feeling tired and dehydrated.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is key to helping our bodies to manage the physiological changes caused by stress. So, have your treats and enjoy them – but make sure you are also eating plenty of fruit and veg, drinking lots of water and eating at a regular time.

Get outside

The twinkly lights of the Christmas tree, the warm fire, delicious smells from the kitchen – It’s not surprising we want to cocoon ourselves in our homes at this time of year. However, it you are feeling tired or overwhelmed,  getting outside in the fresh air is just the thing to get those endorphins going, clear your head, and get your major organs functioning.

So there you have it – the BusinessLodge Guide to a helping yourself feel less stressed and overwhelmed this Christmas. Have a wonderful time!