What is Agile working?

Agile working is a flexible approach that integrates processes, people, technology, connectivity, time and place to find the most efficient way to complete a task. It involves working within task guidelines but without strict boundaries on how to achieve them. Unlike traditional flexible or remote working, agile working allows individuals to decide where, when and how they work, with a focus on performance and outcomes. Essentially, it’s about being adaptable and outcome-focused.

Your Solution to Agile Working

With more and more businesses continuing to grow, there is a larger demand for flexible workspaces, driven by the changing needs of today’s businesses. Since the Pandemic, 40% of employers have seen an increase in formal requests for flexible working.

At BusinessLodge, we’re committed to being agile and adaptable to meet our clients’ needs. We cater to businesses of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations with over a hundred desks. Our offering includes co-working spaces, breakout areas, meeting rooms, conference rooms and more!

With a surge in startup businesses in the UK, we have established a new co-working suite at BusinessLodge Bury. Additionally, all our clients at BusinessLodge Stoke can access the existing co-working space, providing a collaborative environment making agile working easy!

How We Create an Agile Workspace

We understand that everyone works differently, which is why we offer a diverse range of spaces tailored to suit your unique work style. Whether you thrive in collaborative environments, prefer the tranquility of our Dapapod meeting pods, or enjoy the vibrant energy of our co-working suites, there’s a space here for you to conquer any work task with ease.

Equipped with the latest technology, you can rely on secure, high-speed internet for uninterrupted meetings, presentations, training sessions and more. Plus, BusinessLodge’s advanced telephone systems enable your team to work seamlessly from the office or at home, with reliable handsets at work and an app on your phone from home.

Our workspaces are designed to promote wellness, with plenty of natural light, dedicated relaxation areas for breaks and regular well-being popups and resources to support your wellbeing. Because at our workplace, we believe that when you feel your best, you do your best.

Join a Thriving Community

Take the first step towards agile working with our flexible workspaces and contact us today.