Tell us who you are?

We are MARCA Media, a boutique digital agency

What services or products do you offer?

We specialise in Shopify ecommerce and Service based websites. We also build mobile and web applications.

How many team members are currently employed – who are they and what do they do?

We’re a team of 5. Sam heads up operations, Charlie looks after the product side, David is our designer, Miles is a developer and George is all
things Business Development.

What made you want to start your own business / or work for your company?

We launched MARCA 3 years ago as we felt unfulfilled with our corporate careers. We started life as a full service agency and niched into digital last year.

Why was Bury BusinessLodge Bury chosen as a location / how long have you been here?

We’ve been here just over a month, we were based in Manchester centre but Bury is where we all grew up and currently reside. We chose BL as we wanted to be around other small to medium sized enterprises.

Are you based in any other location?

No other location as of yet – but we hope to go international in the near future.

Are you planning anything exciting in the near future… personal or business?

We are launching a sister brand focused on building digital presences for tradesmen for a low monthly fee.