What we do

We are I Love My Ears and we place a high value on the enduring well-being of your ears. Our commitment is reflected in the exceptional services we provide, including thorough ear health check-ups, comprehensive hearing assessments, and effective ear wax removal.

  • We perform Hearing aid assessment: The decline in our hearing occurs so subtly that it often goes unnoticed. Through our hearing assessments, we can identify any hearing loss and offer tailored recommendations for your best course of action
  • Ear wax removal: We perform micro-suction, irrigation, and manual removal, tailoring the method to what our professionals deem most suitable for you. Our commitment is to safely remove ear wax using state-of-the-art equipment. At I Love My Ears, our audiologists excel in the safest method for ear wax removal—micro-suction. Throughout the procedure, our team of specialists provides guidance and valuable advice on maintaining optimal ear health. We also present before-and-after pictures of your ears, allowing you to witness the noticeable difference in both sight and sound for yourself.
  • Fit hearing aids: We specialise in offering the finest hearing aids globally, accompanied by top-notch support. We understand that your hearing is a journey, and the effectiveness of hearing aids is closely tied to the quality of support you receive alongside them.
  • Ear healthy checks: Require a general check-up? If you’re uncertain about the condition of your ears, you can schedule a 20-minute appointment for a professional examination and receive expert advice.