If you’ve been around BusinessLodge Bury lately, you might have already noticed a friendly new face. Sam officially joined our team on Friday, March 1st, taking over from Lisa as our new centre manager.
Recognising the importance of the role, we knew that it would take someone extra special to fill it – and so we’re absolutely delighted to introduce the latest addition to the team, Sam Gibbs.

A familiar face to many in Bury, Sam’s deep ties to the community and extensive experience in hospitality make her a natural fit for this role.

So without further ado, we’re thrilled to welcome Sam!

You are the Bury Centre Manager – what does that mean in real terms?

I am here to oversee the day to day running of our Business Centre, to ensure the customer journey is an exceptional one. I deal with all the new sales enquiries, matching new clients with the perfect office for them.

What is the best part of the job?

Meeting new clients and ensuring our existing clients are happy. I love engaging with the business community and developing new relationships (you’ll often catch me at a good networking meeting or local events).

Can you tell us a bit about your career background?

I stepped into my first hospitality role at 19 at The Midland in Manchester and have mainly worked in hotels since then. I have done several roles within hotels ranging from Reception in my early years to General Manager later in my career. In Nov 2019, I took over The Major in Ramsbottom, as some of you already know, as I had the pleasure of serving one or two of you during my time there. Sadly, Covid, amongst other factors, impacted my plans and the rest is history. The main highlights of my career were 5 years as Reception Manager with Hilton Hotels and 11 years as Meeting and Events Sales Manager with Village Hotels – Am I old enough to have had so many roles???????

What made you want to join BusinessLodge?

I have been in and out of BL for several years, in different roles within the town, and have known Kate (MD of BL) for over 10 years. I love the friendly feel around the offices and absolutely love working in my hometown. Where I can, I love connecting people who can collaborate in business, so the opportunity to work with so many different businesses is amazing. For me, this role is a really nice combination of various roles I have had in the past.

Do you plan to make any changes?

We are already in the planning process for an amazing new coworking space, which will hopefully be ready soon – watch this space. A great new brand coming into service: Grab and Go, offering. Other than that, I never make too many decisions in the first few months. I like to really get to know a place before I implement change.

What’s your superpower?

A good eye for detail.