Tell us who you are?

D2D Xpress are a courier broker offer discounts for major couriers at a discounted price.

What services or products do you offer?

DHL, FedEx, UPS, Freight and Ocean freight.

How many team members are currently employed – who are they and what do they do?

Louise- Office manager

Angelika- Freight desk

Jordan- Customer service

Angela- Accounts

Jacqueline- Director

Tom -Sales Manager

Pete -Driver

Leah -Sales support

What made you want to start your own business / or work for your company?

Had worked in the industry and new I could offer a more tailor-made service for customers with the best options available at competitive prices. All the courier’s strengths and understanding of their weaknesses to avoid.

Why was Bury Businesslodge chosen as a location / how long have you been here?

Clean, full range of facilities, location is good for all the staff, Meeting rooms for Business meetings with suppliers. All round professional outfit. 14 years

Are you based in any other location?


Are you planning anything exciting in the near future… personal or business?

We have introduced new services in addition to DHL, FedEx and UPS. New services include, UK Pallets, International Pallets, Heavy Freight and Ocean freight.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Success is paid for through multiple failures and is part of your education. Dust yourself off and find solutions to excel.

You’re on a team night out, where do you go?

Comedy Club and Grub