A Year to Remember

As the curtains draw close on 2023, BusinessLodge Bury takes a moment to celebrate a year filled with growth, innovation and a steadfast commitment to well-being, sustainability and community impact. Read all about our key accomplishments that have shaped our vibrant workspace over the past twelve months.

A Spotlight on Well-being

In 2023, we introduced our Wellbeing Wall, a canvas where clients could contribute to a colourful tapestry, symbolising our collective focus on mental health and happiness. Further investing in our clients’ well-being, we transformed our spaces with lounge furniture, vibrant beanbags and outdoor games in our courtyard. These additions encouraged our clients to step away from screens, enjoy the sunshine and embrace the fresh air.

From wellbeing pop-ups featuring providers like Grow Your Mindset to hosting free treatments during a dedicated Wellbeing Day, we aimed to foster a culture of balance and self-care. Special events like blood pressure testing by Hilton Health Medical and demonstrations by Fitness Water showcasing alkaline offerings underscored our commitment to holistic well-being.

Investing in Technology and Networking

Our commitment to providing the highest standard of facilities was evident in the comprehensive upgrades across the workspace. From cutting-edge technology in meeting rooms to a complete refurbishment of bathrooms and breakout areas, we invested in creating an environment that fosters productivity and comfort.

Demonstrating our commitment to service excellence, we enhanced our IT infrastructure. The introduction of our client portal ensures round-the-clock accessibility, simplifying the booking of meeting rooms. Additionally, we integrated the cutting-edge BENQ system into our meeting room services at no extra cost. With a simple plug-and-play functionality, no drivers or external internet needed, it’s hassle-free and user-friendly!

We became members of Shout Network, Best  of Bury and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and are partners in the Made in Bury Ladies Brunch club, all of which forging strong connections within our community. We attended awards evenings and finished the year with winning trophies and commendations.

We extended invitations to our clients to enjoy the advantages of attending as guests, courtesy of Lisa, at no additional expense. This provided an opportunity for clients to enhance their visibility within these groups, with some eventually opting for full membership upon recognising the valuable benefits and extensive networking potential these groups offer.

More than just a workspace.

Popup evens and fun competitions became a staple, providing a stage for local businesses to showcase their products and services. Our clients love a competition, anything from an Easter Egg hunt to a best dressed doggy competition, our clients always make it a fun place to be. This year, we hosted our client social; ‘class of 23’ on site which turned out to be a fantastic success.

Growing Together

Welcoming Lynn to reception/ops and Paul as our facilities coordinator, along with our catering providers, True Food Kitchen, our team expanded to enhance our services. New client partnerships flourished, contributing to the dynamic BusinessLodge Bury community.

One of our proudest achievements in 2023 was the launch of our first art exhibition, celebrating the talent of local artists with the Mayor in attendance. This event not only provided a platform for artists to exhibit and sell their creations, but also underscored the positive impacts of art, particularly in unique settings like offices. The Mayor, in her speech, highlighted several advantages, including enriching the human experience, offering solace during difficulties, fostering economic growth and contributing to shared joy and cultural expression within the community.

In the Community; Sponsorships

Our support extended to local charities, sponsorship of rugby teams and participation in events such as the Andy’s Man Club black-tie ball. Supporting Bury Hospice with various events, we are now a permanent donation point for our local Blue Cross, seeing our very kind clients donate anything from food to pet beds. Last but not least, we proudly sponsor Bury Pride on an annual basis.

In line with our commitment to a sustainable future, BusinessLodge Bury initiated the journey to net zero, appointing Green Champions to spearhead and champion eco-friendly initiatives.

A Final Note for 2023

The crowning achievement of 2023 was being honoured with the Excellence in Customer Service award, a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.

As BusinessLodge Bury bids farewell to an extraordinary year, we express gratitude for the milestones achieved and thank all our amazing clients for their support. Looking ahead to 2024, we remain committed to fostering well-being, sustainability and community connections. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue our journey of growth and excellence.