(BusinessLodge Christmas party, December 2023).


A hidden challenge

Nowadays, many workplaces face a subtle but critical challenge that often goes unnoticed – the need for genuine connections and friendships among colleagues. As remote work becomes the norm and digital interactions dominate, the essence of personal connections can sometimes fade away.

Did you know that 70% of employees believe having friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life? Yet, a study by Buffer found that one of the major challenges encountered while working remotely is the feeling of loneliness. Today, the lack of meaningful relationships can adversely affect employee mental well-being, productivity and overall job satisfaction. BusinessLodge recognises the significance of this issue and actively endeavours to cultivate a community for all our clients. This provides everyone with the chance to expand their networks and forge meaningful professional relationships.

A BusinessLodge Approach to Building Connections

At BusinessLodge, we understand the profound impact friendships have on a team’s dynamics and we’ve woven this understanding into every fibre of our work environments and events. Findings from The BetterUp research shows that increased connectivity among individuals yields notable benefits including a 36% boost in wellbeing and a remarkable 92% boost in professional growth.  At BusinessLodge, we design spaces that encourage collaboration, providing the perfect backdrop for professional relationships to flourish.

Having friends in the workplace acts as a natural stress buffer. Our communal areas, break-out zones and carefully curated events create opportunities for meaningful interactions, combating workplace stress. From coffee mornings to Netwalking, there is something for everyone! Employees with a low sense of belonging and few friends have a 313% stronger intention to quit along with a 176% likelihood of seriously job seeking. BusinessLodge understands that a sense of belonging is crucial for retaining top talent and our community-driven approach reflects this commitment.

Stoke Netwalking event, November 2023

(BusinessLodge Stoke Netwalking event, November 2023).

From thoughtfully designed communal spaces that encourage spontaneous conversations to events crafted to bring people together, every aspect of our workspaces is geared towards building connections. Our events are not just gatherings; they are opportunities to forge connections. Whether it’s a networking breakfast or a casual after-work get-together, BusinessLodge events create the perfect opportunity to make friends in the modern workplace.

(BusinessLodge Bury Art Galley Exhibition, November 2023).

Join the BusinessLodge Community

At BusinessLodge, we believe that the modern workplace is not just about what you do but who you do it with. The statistics don’t lie – friendships at work are not just a nice to have; they are essential for a thriving, resilient workforce. Take a look at our remarkable teams from BusinessLodge Stoke and BusinessLodge Bury as they come together for our annual Christmas party—an ideal setting for fostering connections and cultivating meaningful professional relationships!