Tell us who you are? First Fix Formwork Limited

Where did the name for the company come from? Formwork refers to the product produced by our designs, this is applied into concrete flooring usually at the first fix of the job, which is where first fix comes from.
What services or products do you offer? We design and sell steel formwork for concrete flooring in high rise buildings.

How many team members are currently employed – who are they and what do they do?

6 people currently Cathy, Managing director also takes control of the accounts and admin work while we are growing. JP, an outside consultant for First Fix, he is my right hand man and helps me through my first directorship. Alex, Design Consultant, Alex has worked in this industry for over 9 years, he is very knowledgeable on the products and the needs for this type of work. He is currently working on our tech and automation processing. Jack, CAD Draughtsperson, he liaises with customers and designs the formwork to the spec of the project engineer, creating production work to pass to our sub-contractors. Lakshan, CAD Draughtsperson, he quotes for the projects for our customers helping with designs. Steve, He is our delivery driver, he collects all our products from our sub-contractors and delivers to site. Starting in October is Gabriel, he is the Systems Manager, he will help implement and maintain a new CRM system moving onto marketing and website building.

What made you want to start your own business / or work for your company?

Saw a gap in the market where we have a lot of expertise.

Why was Trent House chosen as a location / how long have you been here?

We came here for a meeting with our accountant and really like the offices, we have been here now for 3 days.

Are you based in any other location?


Are you planning anything exciting in the near future… personal or business?

We are aiming to grow our business exponentially over a couple of years through the use of technology and AI.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

That is a very good question, I have moved so quick in the last 2 years to get to where I am that I have had a lot of advice and a lot of it is great advice. What I can think at the top of my head is, it’s not that you make a mistake it is how you fix the mistake.

You’re on a team night out, where do you go?

Bowling, it is fun and inclusive, and all our team enjoy it.