In a groundbreaking event on Tuesday, November 21st, BusinessLodge Bury, a leading office space provider transformed its premises into a vibrant display of art. With the support of Bury Art Collective and Bury Art Society, the occasion was more than an exhibition, it was a celebration of the artistic talent within the community.

An Immersive Event for All.

The exhibition unfolded as a captivatingly immersive experience within the BusinessLodge Bury offices. Stunning artwork, strategically placed, created an interactive journey for attendees. Beyond merely observing, visitors had the unique opportunity to engage with the artists, fostering connections between creators and the community. Complementary drinks added a delightful touch, elevating the atmosphere into a celebration of community and creativity.

A lineup of distinguished artists, including Nick Snape, Judy Turner, Roselle Aspinall, Sarah Golightly, Ranjana Rani, Dennis Markuss, Gill Pollitt, Lynn Cooper and Sarah Hill, showcased a diverse range of thought-provoking pieces. Each artwork told a unique story, contributing to the rich tapestry of Bury’s local art scene.

Art as a Catalyst for Well-Being and Community

The esteemed Mayor of Bury, Sandra Walmsley, graced the event with her presence, delivering an inspiring speech that emphasised the power of integrating art into unconventional spaces like offices. The Mayor also extended a heartfelt thank you to local artists and the entire BusinessLodge team, with a special mention for Lisa and Becky for their dedication to leading this project.

Mayor Walmsley’s speech underscored the power of art in enhancing the human experience. She emphasised how art serves as an outlet for local talent, fostering mental well-being, community cohesion and self-expression. The Mayor highlighted the positive impact of the project on the local economy, culture and overall well-being. A statement from the Mayor: “The important thing is that you appreciate the art for what you see and what you enjoy about it. We have tons of local artists in Bury, I know some of them here and we have done a few rounds of different exhibitions together, but I’m delighted that Bury BusinessLodge has taken this project up to nurture the local talent that we’ve got here in Bury for the betterment of the community with the support of the Bury art collective and bury art society.”

Our Commitment

As the exhibition concluded, BusinessLodge Bury affirmed its commitment to supporting the local arts community. BusinessLodge Bury would also like to thank everyone who attended the event and look forward to seeing you at future events.