Tell us who you are?
I am Arshad Raja Director of the company. I had five years of experience in the tailoring industry in Hong Kong before I moved to the United Kingdom in 2009. I started a custom tailoring business at Reading & Oxford, South England in 2015. Then We updated the name with Elite Bespoke and registered the trademark this year. Due to COVID-19, We did not work because we had to measure at customers face to face. For three years we had a long break because of COVID-19. We are back in action in 2023 as we have started back customer appointments for their make-to-measure clothing.

What services or products do you offer?

We do offer men and women tailored clothes including:

  • Custom Tailored Shirt
  • Custom Tailored Suit
  • Custom Tailored Jacket
  • Hand Made Shoes
  • Custom Tailored Belt
  • Custom Tailored Tuxedo
  • Custom Tailored Overcoat
  • Custom Belt
  • Custom Jeans

How many team members are currently employed?
We currently have three employed and six self-employed staff members.

What made you want to start your own business / or work for your company?

I was brought up in Hong Kong and worked in a custom clothing company during my university education. I love to talk and speak with new people presenting fabrics and discussing design. My family business is the same it also helped me start my own clothing brand and business. I noticed there are few custom-tailored clothing in the UK as I have seen in my travel experiences in China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Why was Trent House chosen as a location / how long have you been here?

I am local resident of Stoke on Trent. I found Trent House is the best service office in Staffordshire.

Are you in any other location?
Yes, we do meet customers in different locations on appointments at London, Reading, Oxford, Solihull, Birmingham, Cannock, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Manchester, and Chester

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Tel: 08445420011 (9am to 6pm)
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