At BusinessLodge, we’re absolutely committed to a greener future and sustainability. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Zappify, an eco-friendly mobile business card provider  The benefits of virtual business cards are many, and include:

Exchange details quickly and efficiently

Once you’ve shared your virtual business card, your contact is able to reply with their details in an instant, so you can save their information straight to their phone. No more loosing paper business cards – or arriving home from an event with a huge pile, and being unable to mentally put faces to names.

Customisable – and instantly updatable

You can personalise your card with your business logo, photo and video, as well as your website and social media handles. What’s more, if anything changes you can update it instantly, eliminating the need for a costly and time consuming reprint.

Be creative – and memorable

Virtual business cards allow you a little creative license, with additional space to add more information and the personal touch.  Adding a video is a great way to ensure that new contacts remember you – and gives you the opportunity to perfect that all-important pitch. You are also able to add links and QR codes, maps and information along with an array of images – in fact, the only limit is your imagination.


We’re now three years down the line form the Covid-19 pandemic – but for many people, old habits die hard and lots of simply got out of the habit of exchanging physical items. What’s more, it’s less pieces of clutter to take up valuable space on your office desk, perfect in this modern world of hybrid working where employees often work from several desks at any one time.

Time saving – and money saving

Updating business cards can be costly. It’s also time consuming. Ensuring that the information is correct, uploading it to an online system, proofing it off and placing the order all requires attention – not to mention the margin for error if you make a typo. Virtual business cards eliminate this risk.

Protecting the planet

When you switch to digital, you can also play a huge role in helping the planet. Most of us can relate to the idea of piles of business cards scattered around our office – and these directly make up the 6 million trees that are cut down each year to produce the world’s business cards. Just think about that – and go paperless.

Sound like something that you could use in your business? Here’s some more information on Zappify:

Zappify creates mobile, digital business cards that transforms the way you can make business connections. They are much cheaper than printed cards, and has more networking functionality as users can swap their details in person or over video conferencing platforms, email and messaging apps on smart phones via a unique QR code / personal URL! Starting at just £10 per annum, you can be on your way for an easier, more sustainable way of promoting your company.


Sustainability is at the heart of our business, and virtual cards saves a huge amount of trees and water! The eco-friendly nature of the card is the primary driver for their continued growth, and would be perfect for anyone looking to become more eco-friendly and for sustainable ways of promoting. The benefits are endless: they are paperless and sustainable, customisable for your brand, contactless, and saves you precious time and money! All data is held securely in the UK and is GDPR compliant with endorsement from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Various packages are available and registering is simple! All you have to do is sign up on their website (Zappify – Digital Business Cards for the 21st Century) to instantly create your Virtual Business Card and further instructions will be emailed to you! Check out further details on their socials:


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