There’s no dispute that the world of work has changed beyond recognition over the past few years, and.

Many businesses have suffered while others have thrived, and we are still experiencing uncertainty like never before.


We’ve recently reported that BusinessLodge is seeing a surge in budding entrepreneurs who set up their own businesses during lockdown, and take advantage of our Virtual Office facilities.

Over recent months, we’ve seen another trend emerge – companies who are based in City centres,  are now looking to relocate closer to home in centres like BusinessLodge.

At BusinessLodge, it’s at our very core to #lovewhereyouwork and as the world continues to change, we’re also finding that more and more businesses are choosing to #lovelocal.

We’ve put together the most common reasons that in the current climate, businesses are choosing to step away from city centre office blocks and relocate more locally.


Avoiding public transport

For many of the companies that we are talking to, travel is playing a huge role in prospective relocations.

Once upon a time, city centre access was pretty straightforward and many businesses would choose offices based on their proximity to train stations and airports. Public transport was a practical, economical and environmentally friendly way to travel.

Post-lockdown, it’s not so much, and while life is pretty much back to normal, people are reluctant to take this option unless it is absolutely avoidable. 

Likewise, customers are no longer quite so willing to jump on a train to attend meetings.

Of course, driving remains an option – however, parking in city centres can be upwards of £25 a day for those who want to use their car – which can amount to a whopping £2,500 a year.

Out-of-town offices with plenty of parking make far more sense in this respect.

Less time commuting

For most people, a long daily commute is a necessary evil.  By basing the business closer to where employees live,  that travel time is cut right down. That’s several hours a week that people can use more effectively, from spending time with family and friends to working out in our on-site gym.

And while keeping local, there are more opportunities to walk and cycle to work – which is healthier for both you and the environment.


A realigned workforce

Many businesses have had to make tough choices during the pandemic – and lots returned to work with smaller teams. Even businesses that have thrived are starting to operate differently, with many embracing homeworking going forward.

We’re seeing lots of interest from businesses in this position – and as a result, they are looking for smaller premises that, if necessary, they can grow into.


Flexible Terms, more for your money

Times are uncertain, there is no doubt about that. Yet many businesses who are currently based in the city centre who are considering a move have their hands tied. 

There is also the uncertainty of a relocation at this time. Will it work out? Is it the right thing to do? How will staff adapt? – a more flexible tenancy agreement can be extremely useful

Another positive is that on the whole, at out of town premises your money will go further will additional benefits for customers.


Work-life made easier

For many business owners, anything that can remove the headache of day-to-day operations, leaving them free to concentrate on doing what they do best is a massive plus.

With our unique, community-focused approach, our clients benefit from a professional, friendly working environment including an on-site gym, catering facilities and chill-out zones, air conditioning and daily cleaning, along with ample, secure car parking.

It’s the reason that so many of our clients absolutely love where they work.