As the fallout from the pandemic goes on, there are some lockdown legacies that seem as though they are here to stay. One surprise benefit has been the way in which businesses have had to adapt the technology they use to communicate with both customers and potential customers.


The need for business centres to have virtual tours to showcase their facilities has increased rapidly during the pandemic – and the award winning BusinessLodge with centres in both Bury and Stoke is no exception.

At BusinessLodge, we’ve always been committed to two key things – excellent customer service and remaining at the forefront of technology.

So, when our customers and potential customers told us that the opportunity to have a virtual tour of our buildings would be extremely beneficial to them, we called on the services of Scene3D to help achieve this.

Comprised of a group of dynamic, professional and experienced digital marketers, Scene3D exists to help businesses better engage with their customers, with the most innovative technology out there.

They utilise state of the art 3D scanning equipment to generate a virtual model of a property, allowing anyone, anywhere, to ‘virtually tour’ the house, apartment, venue or retail space captured, from any device.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the results of the team’s hard work and with their help, we’ve come up with the top reasons that so many of our customers – and would be customers – are loving our virtual tours.






Walk the space – without walking the space

 Sounds obvious? Give it a try. BusinessLodge’s 3D tours hugely complement our websites which are packed with all the information would be clients might need. Digital experiences such as 360 degree videos, panoramic images and interactive 3D walk-throughs are perfect to help people to get a feel for a new workspace before visiting in person, and literally walk through the building, virtually.


It’s what we’ve come to expect post-lockdown

If we were reliant on the internet before lockdown, post pandemic this has increased tenfold. Indeed, it’s estimated that half of all adults rely on virtual tours on a regular basis – before booking a holiday, checking out a new house, vising a new restaurant – and now, more than ever, looking or new office space. After all, as technology progresses, so does the desire for it and things that began as a quick fix in lockdown have now become a way of life. In essence, it’s what we expect.


It gives a flavour of our personality

 Our strapline is #lovewhere you work – because that’s what our clients  and visitors tell us they feel when they come in to our offices, time and time again. We think our website and engaging social media platforms give a pretty good overview in to the vibe you can expect at both of our centres – but a virtual tour takes it to another level. From our funky neon sign and chill out areas, to our excellent food outlets and up the minute gyms, we really believe that with a virtual tour, you can really start to soak up the BusinessLodge atmosphere and start to connect with the space.


Time saving

 Our would-be clients are busy people – and so a virtual tour can be really useful for them to check out what we have to offer when they start to “put the feelers” out for new business premises. Particularly for larger companies who may be relocating and have staff based across the UK, our virtual tour can save both time and money in terms of man hours, helping them to make initially decisions and comparisons. Once they see our great facilities, we find they are more than happy to travel to see their new business home for real.


Time to reflect

 How many times have you been somewhere, gone away and realise that you forgot to ask key questions? It might be that you forgot to check the outside seating arrangements for your wedding venue or you couldn’t remember where the plug sockets were in a house you were interested in. In terms of businesses, our clients find it really helpful to be able to refresh their minds once they have left our buildings, and also to show the premises to other decision makers who may not have been able to attend.

An additional benefit is that would-be clients can pop back on anytime, with no time restraints, as the tour is available on a 24/7 basis

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Scene 3D. Alex Eason, Commercial Director said:

“Business Lodge have been great partners in bringing each site to life online. The time the team at Business Lodge have spent getting all the small details right in their buildings has led to some fantastic spaces that really feel conducive to a productive, happy business.

A virtual tour felt like a logical next step to empower potential clients to explore each site at their leisure and see how great working at Business Lodge would be. We’re looking forward to creating a virtual tour for their Imperial House site next!”

To find out more visit: Scene3D – The UK’s Virtual Tour Experts – 3D Scans & 360 Photography