Forget holidays abroad – they’re so 2019!


While some people did manage to venture further afield last year, in case you hadn’t heard, ‘staycations’ are all the rage for 2021!


If you had hoped to jet off beyond the shores of the UK, don’t be disheartened, there’s plenty of summer fun to be had closer to home.

If anything, the ongoing restrictions are an opportunity to explore holiday options you may not have considered otherwise and you may be surprised at the wide choice to be found not so very far from our own doorsteps. What’s more, it’s reported that around 21 million of us are planning to ‘embark’ on a staycation this time round.

As if it needed spelling out, holidays not only boost our happiness and health, they can increase mental motivation, decrease burnout and improve family relationships. So naturally we want to get the most out of them.


Our two BusinessLodge centres are based in two stunning locations – Lancashire and Staffordshire. We’ve asked our teams at both centres for their top tips on great places to visit around or within easy access of Lancashire and Staffordshire to give you some inspiration:


Fun days out in Lancashire

For a memorable day out, Lancashire’s waterways offer an opportunity to view the landscape from a different perspective.


Sail Away on a Waterway

A canal boat cruise is the perfect chance to slow everything right down and watch the world go by. In a way it’s like stepping back in time to experience a method of transport which would have been commonplace a century ago. Children and adults alike are sure to enjoy whiling away the hours in such a relaxed fashion. What’s more, you might pick up some canal-boat lingo in the process, for instance; strapping in, cracking the paddles and even cheesing the ropes!

Wonderful waterfalls

If the idea of faster flowing water appeals then Tiger’s Clough and Crooked Edge waterfalls on the lower slopes of Rivington Pike are well worth a visit. The main path bypasses the falls themselves meaning they really are a pair of hidden gems which you’ll need to seek out –  but this only makes your trip into more of an adventure. Walking through the woods nearby is an enjoyable element of your visit in itself but will also help build up to the main event featuring the waterfalls.

It’s said that the negative ions abundant in waterfalls can increase our serotonin levels, which ultimately help our mood. What’s more, the simple act of watching the motion and sound of moving water has a calming effect that can benefit our mental health. Good news-after all one of the things we want from our staycation is to feel refreshed and revived.

A treetops adventure

And just down the road from our Bury centre in Heaton Park is Treetop Trek which is sure to get the adrenaline pumping!  Zip-lining through the woods and navigating a series of arial challenges as part of a high-rope adventure are the order of the day.

The young ‘uns and the not-so-young ‘uns alike can let their hair down at Treetop Nets which features super slides, treehouses, tunnels and ball zones all within the same facility.


And so to Staffordshire …


Monkey paradise

If you have a couple of cheeky monkeys of your own at home that need entertaining then they’ll fit right in at Trentham Monkey Forest!

It provides an opportunity to observe free roaming Barbary Macaques within the picturesque setting of 60 acres of ancient Staffordshire woodland. Lots of information is available on this endangered species and there’s an adventure playground for little ones to run around in and expend some of their energy.  It’s a day to unleash their inner David Attenborough, ultimately making for an educational as well as a fun day out. 

By boat or by cycle 

Spanning 168 acres and 2.5 miles, Rudyard lake boasts some of the most impressive scenery in the Staffordshire moorlands. It’s also the place where Kipling’s parents met for the first time-so if you wondered whether there might be a connection, you’re correct!

Why not hire a rowing boat for an afternoon of messing about on the lake-all while following health and safety guidelines of course!

Alternatively, jump on your bike and cycle along the former railway line which has now been converted to a pedestrian/jogging/cycling route so you have a traffic free way of getting to the Lake from the edge of Leek. A sure fire way to get the endorphins flowing while also taking in the fresh air.

Beautiful Bridgewater

Non-stop sunshine might be too much to hope for on our staycation, which is why the option of spending the day at an indoor venue makes sense. The Emma Bridgewater factory has got it covered in both senses of the word-allowing visitors to go behind the scenes by taking a tour and witnessing the production process in action. They also invite you to get crafty in the decorating studio.

By the end of the day, you’ll have no trouble distinguishing between a jigger, a jollier, a fettler and a caster!


So whether it’s relaxation or adventure you’re after, there’s a varied choice of entertaining days out that are handy to home whether that’s in the North West or Staffordshire. 

A ‘staycation’ may not have initially been on the cards but on the upside it may prompt us to get better acquainted with what’s within easy travelling distance but we maybe never got around to visiting until now.