After months of restrictions, lockdown and social distancing we are pleased to announce that Olive’s Kitchen will finally be opening the café in Imperial House within Business Lodge.


Who are ‘Olive’s Kitchen’?

Olive’s Kitchen (Bury) Ltd was established in 2020 and is an independent healthy caterer based in Bury.

Whilst making a commitment to support local businesses, the local community and by sharing our concern for the environment we put great emphasis on providing high quality, freshly prepared, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients – prepared and cooked daily.

Our range of soups, one-pots, sandwiches, salads and pasta pots are all be freshly made with no need for preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers or additives allowing our customers to be rest assured that the ingredients that they are eating are natural and wherever possible local.

Olive’s Kitchen believes that old-fashioned slow cooking of quality ingredients equals not only great tasting food but healthy eating too. With that premise, our menu’s will change to bring the best of seasonal produce.

Olive’s Kitchen Ethos….

Olive’s Kitchen identified that there was a gap in the market. Customers tastes and attitudes towards the foods that they consume have changed considerably in recent years with individuals wanting to eat healthily, whilst enjoying a range of seasonal foods and enjoying value for money.

It is our belief that good quality, well-cooked food can’t be cheap but it is affordable.


When will it open?

Olive’s Kitchen at Business Lodge will have a ‘soft launch’ from Tuesday 13th July and will officially open on Tuesday 20th July at 8.00am.


What is a ‘Soft Launch’? 

All new kitchen set-ups have teething problems and we are keen to ensure that we manage your expectations correctly and provide you with the great service you deserve. A ‘soft launch’ is where we will be able to provide a limited number of our services daily (e.g. Breakfast or Lunch only, with limited menu choices) to enable us to test our processes, make mistakes, find solutions and ensure everything is ready for the official opening from Tuesday 20th July.

During this time, to thank you for your patience and understanding we will offer 25% off our normal prices.


Can I sit in?

Yes, what was formerly ‘The Gallery’ has been completely refurbished. We have created a comfortable, relaxed space that allows you to escape from the office and grab a coffee in a proper cup, sit with friends, get a snack or quick bite to eat or join us for breakfast or lunch.

All food and drink will also be available for takeaway. Just let us know when ordering.

What’s on the menu?

A sneaky peek of the menu will be released in the coming days. The menu will change regularly with a variety of one-pots and soups as well as regular specials. We aim to cater for all dietary needs and will endeavour to provide something for everyone. Our menu will always include Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Gluten-Free Options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please let us know and we will do our very best to be accommodating.


What is a one-pot?

A cooking method that easily combines all a dish’s essential ingredients in one pot while cooking! These vary greatly from Chillies, Curries, Stews and Casseroles to Tray Bakes.

What’s so healthy about Olive’s Kitchen?

Unless absolutely necessary, Olive’s Kitchen does not fry food. Our breakfast options are grilled or baked, and eggs are either poached or scrambled. Rather than offering chips every day, we offer healthier alternatives such a Mini Baked Potatoes, Baked Wedges etc.

The other advantage is that if you dine in, you don’t need to worry about smelling like a deep fat fryer for the rest of the day!

  • Fats – Our homemade food will be cooked with 100% vegetable oil or olive oil. We will aim to never use hydrogenated or long-life oils. Occasionally we will utilise whole fats – coconut milk, butter, crème Fraiche.
  • Salt – We will only salt our food after cooking to ensure a minimum salt level (just great taste).
  • Wheat – Our homemade food will try to avoid wheat and gluten as thickening agents and we prefer to use pulses, beans and potatoes in our recipes.
  • Sugar – We will avoid adding sugar wherever possible, but occasionally a recipe calls for it, in which case we will add the minimum.


Can I still book internal catering services for meetings and conferences?

Yes, all requests for internal catering services should be directed to the Business Lodge Team who will be more than happy to assist you. Internal catering cannot be booked with Olive’s Kitchen directly however if you have any external requirements such as birthday parties etc. we would be happy to assist you.


We really can’t wait to meet and welcome you all. Until then, stay safe!