How many times have you looked around at the run-of-the-mill decor in your office and felt uninspired?

Understandably, etiquette dictates that the office environment for certain types of businesses needs to be fairly neutral, such as those of solicitors whose meetings with clients are mostly of a sober nature. After all, they need to ensure their choice of decor chimes with the professional approach they wish to convey.

But other types of businesses have more scope to indulge their creative side meaning that it’s acceptable to embrace those brighter colours, quirky design features and fun accessories which will ‘stamp’ the company’s identity on the workspace.

What’s more, it’s known that the design of an office directly impacts both the morale and productivity of the staff-sound reasons to prioritise a revamp of the decor! It makes perfect business sense!

At BusinessLodge, Bury and Stoke’s leading flex-space, we see all sorts of different office décor – and we’ve put together a round up of our favourites!



Introducing fun accessories such as a neon sign can instantly change the vibe. Rest assured though, it needn’t mean you’ll end up working in surroundings reminiscent of the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s still possible to keep the overall effect reasonably understated and still brighten up the place.

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And a customised sign celebrating the work done by your company achieves the added effect of communicating how highly valued the team is.



Liven up the walls with eye catching paint colours

Using your brand colours in your new scheme will ensure the space upholds a consistent style which represents what you and your business are all about. By incorporating your brand into the office design, employees may feel a stronger connection to the business which will in turn encourage them to promote a positive company image.

The right choice of colours can have a powerful psychological impact on people which can ultimately make them feel happier, and many BusinessLodge clients opt to have their offices painted in a wide range of colours.

And if painting all the walls with colour isn’t on the agenda, focusing on just one to create an accent wall is an effective technique.

It provides a focal point without overwhelming the senses and allows you to leave the remainder of the room as neutral and light as you wish.


Invest in a Quirky Coffee table

We tend to think of coffee tables as fairly utilitarian items but there’s no reason to settle for an ordinary design. Putting the fun in functional is the name of the game after all!

For a quirky retro feel that’s bound to become a talking point, why not go with a Rubik’s cube theme? It certainly makes a change from beech veneer!

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Chill out Zone

While we clearly come to work to get the job done and not to lounge around, staff comfort shouldn’t be overlooked, especially at break time. And it’s difficult to imagine what might top a funky blue velvet armchair in this regard-except perhaps a matching pair!

Bold they may be but they definitely look inviting! Ideal for a chillout zone. At BusinessLodge, we like to work hard and play hard and so in both of our centres we’ve included plenty of open space for clients to get away from their desks and take some time out.

Client’s at Stoke can also benefit from our games room, with football table, air hockey or table tennis – intended for R&R, it’s not unheard of for very productive meetings to take place in the games room!

We also have outdoor space and our wellbeing courtyard at Bury is incredibly popular.

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Don’t waste the opportunity

And just because we dispose of our rubbish in it doesn’t mean to say we can’t make a design statement when it comes to the office bin!

(Image credit: Bin Shop)

A colourful, even if simple, style can only encourage good waste disposal habits ultimately helping to keep the office clutter-free.


Who needs stairs?

While not every business may be in a position to install one, a helter-skelter in the lobby must surely rank among the quirkiest of workplace features.

Far from being viewed as a distraction, mucking around on the slide is viewed positively. It allows employees to take a quick breather from the highs and lows of the day and as such is regarded as a means of boosting performance.

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So say goodbye to drab wall colours, dated accessories and wilting plants!

An office that takes a fresh, fun approach to its interior design is likely to prove popular with its employees facilitating both a positive work culture and enhanced productivity as a result.