At BusinessLodge, coffee plays a key role in day to day life at both our Bury and Stoke centres – after all, there’s nothing quite like a freshly ground coffee to start off the working day in the right way. That’s why at both Stoke and Bury we have coffee point for clients to prepare their own drinks, as well as café-style machines for when they want something a little more special.

Our fantastic machines are supplied by independent supplier  Mini & Mighty Ltd. With a wealth of experience, the company supplies some of the North West’s leading pubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and café’s with the highest quality, fair trade coffee beans. Our machines at both centres offers a wide choice of beverages from decaf to flat white, mocha to expresso.

The BusinessLodge team are huge coffee lovers and we’ve put together our top reasons that coffee plays a key role fantastic in any workplace.

It makes you take a break
Hands up if you are flat out and never have a minute? You’re not alone. Particularly at the moment, many of us feel chained to our desks, navigating our business through the toughest of times.
It’s still essential though, to take the occasional break. Did you realise the optimum length of time the average person can concentrate on one task in just 90 minutes?
A “coffee stop” provides the perfect opportunity to do just that, take a break and then return refreshed.
What’s more, a short stroll to the coffee machine will keep you moving and stop your Smart Watch buzzing at you to “keep active”!
A great tip here is to drink your well-deserved coffee mindfully. That means stopping what you’re doing and focusing on your drink, regarding it as a real luxury rather than simply getting to the bottom of the cup before you have even noticed.

It’s sociable
The coffee point has always been a something of a hub here at BusinessLodge. We tend to see the same people gathering at similar times each day for their morning brew and catch up. Business is done and friendships are made over a steaming hot latte.
Obviously, the coffee point isn’t quite the hub it once was under current restrictions – indeed we are operating a strict one in one out policy. None the less, it’s still an opportunity to leave the office and have a quick catch up with people from other businesses – from a safe distance of course.

Visitors will want to come to you
Let’s be honest – who wants a cup of cheap, instant coffee during a meeting? Not us! Visitors to BusinessLodge regularly comment on our great coffee – to the point where our clients tell us that they often have visitors who have come by purely for the coffee!
Being able to offer your visitors a quality cup of coffee speaks volumes – it is a great talking point, it breaks the ice and most of all, it demonstrates that you value their custom.

It can boost productivity
For many of us, a great coffee is the first thing we will reach for if we are feeling jaded. It’s well documented that caffeine can keep us alert and give us the “pep up” we need – in safe amounts of course. Coffee increases dopamine levels – the “feel good” neurotransmitter and helps to block adenosine receptors which are responsible for making us feel tired and sleepy.
Caffeine molecules have a similar structure to adenosine and when it locks out these receptors, it can trick them in to making us feel brighter and more alert.
In addition, a study at John Hopkins University demonstrated that caffeine can enhance memory consolidation for us to 24 hours after consumption. This means that if you drink coffee right after learning something new, chances are it will ingrain itself on your brain more clearly.
That’s why so much coffee is drunk on training days!