Regardless of the season it seems we are rarely satisfied with our weather here in the UK.

Most of us might yearn for long sunny summers but when a hot spell finally arrives, we’re often quick to change our tune if it means we are left feeling hot and bothered as a result!

And unsurprisingly, working in an uncomfortably warm environment increases the likelihood of lethargy and lack of focus. This is because heat stress can cause the body to lose electrolytes-minerals leading to dehydration which in turn causes low performance and decreased motor skills.

In the worst case scenario, over-exertion in high temperatures can heighten the risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke-which is potentially life-threatening.

At BusinessLodge, Bury and Stoke’s leading flex office space, we’ve made the comfort of our clients an absolute priority. We’ve put various measures in place to ensure they can get on with their day-to-day workload without worrying about over-heating!


Air Conditioning

To help prevent us becoming frazzled in the warmer weather, Health and Safety at Work legislation is clear on the requirement for:

  • keeping temperatures in the workplace at a comfortable level (sometimes known as thermal comfort)

as well as:

  • providing clean, fresh air

And of course, given we are living through a pandemic, adequate ventilation is crucial in terms of minimising the spread of Coronavirus by reducing how much virus is in the air.

Here at BusinessLodge, our offices can control their own air conditioning meaning that settings can be adjusted according to individual preferences.

Just be prepared to compromise –  over 42 per cent of office workers admit to having fallen out with a colleague over the ideal temperature. So it may be a challenge to prevent the atmosphere from becoming too heated in more ways than one!


Access to cold drinks

The average adult human body is composed of 65% water which gives an indication of why we need to drink regularly if we are to stay well-hydrated.

While the NHS generally recommends drinking 1.2 litres of water per day (six to eight glasses), leading clinicians advise that as much as three litres is needed daily, especially in warm weather. High numbers of people presenting at A&E during heatwaves with consequential problems are found to have poor fluid intake.

They do say that once we start to feel thirsty we are already becoming dehydrated so to minimise potential risks, sipping a favourite cool beverage frequently will help keep us refreshed and alert.

Conveniently, BusinessLodge have provide on-site coffee shop (at Bury)  and grab n go facilities, as well as purified water stations, so that staying fed and watered is that much easier.


Outside Space

 Many workplaces lack the luxury of an outdoor space where employees can go to get some fresh air and-if we‘re lucky-sunshine too.

But at BusinessLodge we consider it an essential amenity and have incorporated this very feature into a well-thought out design for our premises. So holding an informal meeting or enjoying a well-earned break in the courtyard are options when the weather permits!

And should you wish to avoid direct exposure to the sun’s rays, we have supplied parasols to ensure that staying in the shade is also an option- meaning that it literally becomes a chill-out area!

While our summer holidays or staycations may be a few weeks away yet, the deckchairs are inviting enough to encourage us to spend time outside during the course of the working day-especially if it’s hot.


So keeping cool is paramount when the temperature rises wherever we are-whether we are in the workplace or not.

Peter Kay may have joked about our typical reaction to heatwaves in the UK by urging us to have an ice-lolly and keep quiet, but at BusinessLodge we can do much more than that!

We take your wellbeing seriously all year round and in the summer months, this involves making sure you have everything you need to keep your cool!