Spring is officially here, and at both of the BusinessLodge sites, you can really feel it in the air. People are genuinely excited about better times to come and the prospect of a long, hot summer just around the corner.

After an indisputably tough year for us all, we’ve put together our top reasons that business should be approaching the next few months with a spring in their step.

New beginnings

We’re not just talking the birth of new life – bunnies, chicks and lambs. Spring brings with it a real feeling of starting afresh. This could come in the form of a new car, a house move – or for many businesses in Stoke and Bury, a new office move. Our enquiries have ramped up significantly in recent weeks, as the better weather and the roadmap out of lockdown means businesses are making big decisions.

There are many reasons that businesses are telling us why they want a new premises right now. Some are downsizing as people work from home – but many are also upscaling, after doing fantastically well during lockdown despite all the odds.

There are other variables, too. Some businesses want to reduce travel time for staff and eliminate the use of public transport – while others want better parking facilities. Whatever the reason, we’re always delighted to show businesses around.

If your business needs a change of scenery, there’s never been a better time.

Spring cleaning

For most businesses who have been homeworking, it’s possibly been months since anyone has stepped foot in the office. As restrictions begin to ease, it’s probably time to consider what kind of state your business premises are currently in – and how you can get them ready for your return.

This is the ideal opportunity to think about having a serious declutter in the workplace. Not only does this make your office far more easy on the eye, studies have shown that an organised office space is linked to enhanced productivity, which is another worthwhile reason to tackle any mess that has accumulated.

The world has changed considerably in the past 12 months and you may well no longer need lots of the “stuff” that you once did. From paperwork to redundant pcs, and packaging to broken kettles and toasters, nothing quite beats the feeling of having a purge to help you reset the batteries.

Getting outside

It’s been a long, dark winter  – but after all the rain, snow and miserable weather we’re all desperate for a little Vitamin D. From lazy BBQs to picnics in the park, one of life’s simplest pleasures is eating al fresco – and our Bury centre is set up perfectly to do this, with clients already enjoying eating their lunch in our landscaped courtyard.

If you don’t have the luxury of outside space at your workplace, try to make sure you get out to stretch your legs each lunchtime. It’s really important for both mental and physical wellbeing.

Warmer weather means warmer offices!

The Spring usually gives way to warmer weather and if last year is anything to go by, it could be another scorcher!

The better weather gives us all a massive boost – everything always looks so much better in the sunshine.

If you are working in an office though, it can sometimes be pretty unpleasant. A hot, stuffy environment with lots of different bodies can quickly make temperatures rise –  to unbearable levels.

Modern offices are often fitted with air conditioning which can provide a welcome relief. All BusinessLodge offices at both Bury and Stoke are fitted with individual air-con units, so you can control the temperature to just how you and the team like it.

Getting back together …..

…… as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Many businesses have worked remotely for the past 12 months. While zoom sessions and team calls have been an essential lifeline for many, there comes a point where most people really crave some human contact.

What’s more, while homeworking has it’s place in terms of productivity, studies show that face to face collaboration is key for maximum productivity.

As soon as restrictions safely allow, we can’t wait to welcome our fantastic clients back to both of our centres, and from the messages we’ve received, we know they feel the same.

For smaller organisations or contractors, our fantastic co-working space in Stoke is ideal to sit together, talk, and get those ideas flowing.



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