We all know that first impressions count – and in business, even more so. The economy is going through tough times and more than ever before, it’s essential that new prospects get the right perception of your business – immediately.

There are three key areas where businesses often fall down when it comes to projecting themselves as a professional outfit – and with our Virtual Office Services, we can help.

The business address: One of the first things a prospect customer is likely to do is check out your website. Not only will this give a valuable insight in to your services, it will mean your prospect can look at where you are based. This is where many businesses fall down – let’s face it, if the address is 4 Wood Street and the google image brings up a 3-bed semi on maps, it’s pretty obvious you are home-based. While this isn’t an issue in itself, first impressions really do count and some businesses may have concerns about it. A business address, on the other hand,  will enhance your professional image online as well as your correspondence and marketing materials. Through the BusinessLodge virtual office service, we will not only provide you with an address, we’ll sort and forward on your mail to you.

The telephone number: Usually, after checking out your website your prospect customer will give you a call. If the only number listed is a mobile, that immediately gives the impression of a smaller, “one man band” type of business. At this point, larger prospects may mentally check out -yet with a geographical landline to call, you are already filling them with confidence that your business is here to stay. All of our virtual office customers are allocated their own number with a local dialing code.

The phone call: The first in person contact is crucial. If your prospect can’t get through, it left on hold or if you pick up when you are clearly in the supermarket – let’s face it, it’s not going to make the best first impression. Our fully trained receptionists can take care of your calls and add a touch of professionalism, answering with your company name and transferring them directly to you.

The telephone service can also include a call forwarding option and we’re able to  offer an additional app to enable the client to make or receive calls using their landline number provided by BusinessLodge – which is proving particularly popular at the moment.

For more info please call 0330 024 9299