Virtual offices have been growing in popularity over the past few years and are a perfect stepping stone for businesses who want to portray a professional image but are not quite ready to take the leap to a physical office.

Peter at Smile Carpet Cleaning has now been using the BusinessLodge virtual office service for five years.

He says:

“I came to see Kate, the Managing Director at BusinessLodge Bury for a meeting and I could barely get a word in – not because of Kate, I hasten to add – but because my phone wouldn’t stop ringing!

As small business owners know, customer calls need to be answered immediately and the result was a very disrupted meeting.

Kate suggested that we could benefit from a Virtual Office with a call answering service and it was like a light bulb moment. We handed call management to BusinessLodge and we’ve never looked back.

Instead of our answering our customers on the go, when we never had our diaries to hand, the new service was professional, efficient and meant customers never had to leave a message on a voicemail.

This gave them a better customer experience and freed us up to concentrate on our day to day job.

Now we’ve grown our business we have our own office and admin staff, yet we still use BusinessLodge to ensure that every call is answered.

We’re extremely happy with the service we receive.

Thanks, BusinessLodge!”