Happiness at work 


At BusinessLodge, we understand that being happy at work is absolutely essential to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Afterall, we spend a large percentage of our lives in the workplace and happiness  not only has a huge impact on our productivity, but on our lives as a whole.

We asked the BusinessLodge teams in #bury and #stoke what they believe makes a happy working environment.


Molly Barber, Receptionist, BL Stoke

A happy work place to me is somewhere you look forward to going in to each day. It’s somewhere  where you feel one of the gang – almost like an extended family, where you all support each other.

We try to extend this to all of our lovely clients and visitors – giving them a warm welcome  every morning to help make their day a little bit brighter. #weekofhappinessatwork

Kate Holt, Managing Director

Happiness at work for me is seeing happy clients working together  and chatting together around the building. We’re incredibly proud of the  real sense of community that we’ve created here in Bury and also Stoke. #weekofhappinessatwork

Petra, Receptionist, Bury

Happiness at work to me is being able to head straight to the gym from the office after work. This part doesn’t make me happy – but knowing I have done it and I have extra time at home ion the evening makes me extremely happy! #weekofhappinessatwork


Paula Nadin, Centre Manager, Stoke

What makes me happy is seeing the furry faces of our client’s dogs! Parts of our Stoke building are dog friendly and several clients bring their pooches to work. It’s scientifically proven that stroking a dog can reduce stress, so having dogs in the office are great for staff wellbeing. #weekofhappinessatwork


Juliette Davenport, Centre Manager, Bury

Happiness at work for me is not having to bring a packed lunch! At both sites we have great coffee and snacks available and lunch is on hand at our grab and go. In Bury we have our coffee shop which provides great hot meals, so if I’m working late I can make sure I’m full of energy.


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